Ivy Oland Dandar has established a reputation as a highly sought after and skilled consultant by consistently demonstrating her breath of knowledge, professionalism, creativity and ability to provide her clients significant savings and return on investment. She has worked in a variety of capacities within construction and design projects, and provides expertise in the following areas: design visioning, budget development, project management, acquisitions & installation and patient, staff and community engagement.

Can you or your organization benefit from partnering with Oland Consulting?

Have you or your organization ever considered ordering art or art prints online?
Find out how Oland Consulting can work with you to develop a locally focused art approach, which will provide you with a greater return on investment than traditional decor art options.

Do budget limitations get in the way of designing and delivering the optimal environment?
Oland Consulting is dedicated to delivering its clients the best value through thoughtful and detail oriented focus on service, product and savings.

Do you want an environment that can provide your organization with higher satisfaction, improved retention, increased brand awareness or greater donor support?
Contact Oland Consulting today to discuss how you can leverage your design to provide the greatest returns.

Do you have questions about what kind of projects can benefit from Oland Consulting, or when such services should be engaged?
The scarcity and value of funds in healthcare, construction and design projects is understood and greatly appreciated by Oland Consulting. We will prescribe the best plan to suit projects of all sizes, including new construction, remodels or existing spaces in need of an update. While the sooner her services are integrated, the greater the benefits will be, it is never too late to contact Oland Consulting to learn how you can achieve greater value and elevated design.

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