oland arts consulting
“I am both committed to, and passionate about, enhancing environments, outcomes and experiences through innovative design & the arts.” Ivy Oland, EDAC

Ivy Oland is a highly qualified Corporate Art, Healthcare Art & Healing Environment Consultant, with a strong understanding of the unique needs of each project, demographic and community. Her mindful approach has established her as a sought-after, knowledgeable advisor and project coordinator. Noted by the Argus Leader as one of “15 Under 30 to Watch,” she has gained a reputation within the business and healthcare community as highly creative, intuitive and organized. Successfully completed projects have been featured in a variety of publications, including Modern Healthcare and Health Facilities Management.

Collaboration is a critical part of her role as project manager and Ivy is knowledgeable about how to utilize the important information from patient and family groups and, additionally, how to bring together key stakeholders, administrators, architects and contractors to realize a common vision. This ability has assisted clients in successfully integrating art into architecture, rather than simply applying it after a building has been completed. In addition to understanding the positive impact of appropriately selected art, Ivy also realizes the critical nature of adhering to timelines and budgets.

Additionally, as a member of the Society for the Arts in Healthcare, Ivy has become heavily invested in understanding the impact of the arts and healing environments. Always approaching Healthcare Art projects with patient-focused, family-focused and evidence-based design principles, she recognizes that appropriately selected art and design elements have the power to heal patients faster, provide a more positive visitor experience, increase staff satisfaction and retention, and reinforce the institutional mission, vision and values within the communities that healthcare organizations serve.

She has been involved in projects at every level guiding the healing environment, including; development of the project mission, vision and guiding principles; conception of project narrative; guidance of patient and community focus groups; involvement of key community groups and local artists; collaboration with fundraising and donor recognition; budget development; management of art commissioning; project installation and documentation.

With proper planning and support, Ivy will enable the arts and environment to assist in supporting navigation and wayfinding, honoring the gifts of donors, reinforcing an organizations mission and brand, and integrating and celebrating community. She also understands and has experienced that the most meaningful healing environment and arts programs are those that engage the intended users of the space, as well as local and regional artists, and works diligently to uncover those talents and resources in each community that an organization serves.